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© 2015-2020 by SonikBuster Music 

SonikBuster is involved in Production, Soundtrack Composition, and Performance. 
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About SonikBuster


 Ashley (AKA: SonikBuster) is an arranger and composer from Lynchburg, VA where she resides with her son Maxwell, and husband Gary. She graduated from Liberty University with a BS. Degree in Music and Youth Programming. She has been a professional music producer, lyricist, and vocalist for 7 years


She has worked on a variety of game tributes and projects such as Miracle Mia, NIBEL: Ori and the Blind Forest Remixed, Chronicles of Time, ZODIAC: Final Fantasy Tactics Remixed, and several other tracks for the video game music label Materia Collective.


As a musician Sonik aims to breathe life into modern soundtracks. She draws her influence from video game and movie soundtracks, a variety of ethnic styles, and a massive library of artists and musicians hailing from every genre and generation.


Sonik is an ambassador for the genre 'Chipwave' which is a neon blast of Synthwave, Chiptune, and Trance. 

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