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SonikBuster has worked on a variety of different projects and collaborations. Whether it's arranging, singing, or composing lyrics she's always up to something!


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Sub[Vice]Versive [Album] [2017]

Tough Love [2018]

THE ROSE OF MAY: A Rock Opera [2019]

You're Not Alone Cowboy [2019]

Escaping the Ruins [2016]

CASTLE: A Rock Opera [2016]

Global Game Jam Reel [2017]

Solar/ /Flare DemoSonikBuster

The Day the World Revived [2019]

As It Was Foretold [2019]

Paradise [2018]

The Wrong Way [2017]

Bake Sale or Bust [2016]

The Dark Path:Ancient Stones (Lyrics) [2016]

The Dark Path: Ancient StonesJosh Barron, Laura Intravia, SonikBuster

Everblight Theme [2014]

Global Game Jam Reel [2016]

DKC Mix't Ape '94: KRooK 'n KluBBa (2014)

Anthem of the Retribution (2013)

Phoenix Down (2014)

The Secrets Beneath [2015]

The Cake is a Lie (2014)

Grand Entry (2013)

Every Battle Theme Ever (2013)

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